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911 Pool Rescue

is always here to help with questions about your residential or commercial pool

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?

A: We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Q: How often should a pool be serviced?

A: Your pool should be serviced on weekly basis. The water should be tested and balanced, and the filter should be checked to see if it needs cleaned. We make sure the heater is in proper working condition and of course, perform thorough cleaning and brushing needed to prevent algae build-up.


Q: What do you do for weekly maintenace?

A: For our residential and commercial weekly pool maintenance, we test your water, check equipment and backwash, and clean the filter when necessary. We also vacuum the pool if it's dirty, add chemicals and other general services of your pool area to make sure it's swim ready.


Q: When should our pool be opened?

A: Most people or businesses open their pool in late April or early May, understanding there are certain conditions that apply to opening your pool. If you have a safety cover, which we highly recommend, opening your pool should be done as early as possible, as algae does not grow as quick when the water is cold. Most safety covers do not block the sun, so algae will begin to bloom and your pool will be dirty upon opening. We recommend contacting us as early as possible to schedule your opening to ensure your pool is ready for your first pool party of the season.


Q: What does a pool opening consist of?

A: When we open your residential or commercial pool, we will remove the cover and reassemble all necessary equipment, ladders and handrails. We will thoroughly check the heater (if applicable), pump, filter, test the water and add the necessary chemicals needed for safe and clean water.


Q: When should we close our pool?

A: Pool closings are typically based on three things. 1) School has started and the kids are too busy to use the pool. 2) The leaves have started to fall and cleaning/maintenance has become more frequent. 3) It’s simply too cold outside.


Q: How many gallons of water does my pool need?

A: To figure out how many gallons are needed to fill your pool to its optimal level, simply add the water depth of the shallow end and the water depth of the deep end, then divide by 2 to get an average. Please reference the following formulas for calculations.


Rectangle pool: length x width x average depth x 7.5 = total gallons

Round pool: diameter x diameter x average depth x 5.9 = total gallons

Oval pool: maximum length x maximum width x average depth x 6.7 = total gallons

Free Form pool: average length x average width x average depth x 6.7 = total gallons


Q: How do you put an inground liner back into the track?

A: It depends on the type of coping installed and the age of the liner. If the liner is still pliable to the touch, we can simply use some warm water from a kettle to warm the liner and stretch it back into the track. We are always very careful not to puncture or tear the existing liner. If the liner is older than 5 years or has lost its pliability, then this method will not work and we will need to install a new liner.


Q: Will a darker liner help to heat my pool?

A: While a darker liner may heat the pool a couple degrees, the main contributors to a well heated pool are sunlight, a well-working heater and a solar cover. We recommend you pick a liner that fits your décor.

If you still have questions about our service, equipment, renovation or inspection process, please fill out the form below.

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