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We are highly specialized

in the process of installing new inground pool liners.


Any size, any shape, every type of liner. We'll have your pool looking like new when we install our high-quality liner.


We also install low-hung liners and all on-ground liners.


Our liners are made from the highest quality vinyl and designed with computer aided technology to ensure it fits and forms perfectly with your pool.


Our process is quick and always thorough.

We drain your pool, remove the old liner, inspect the entire pool for any bottom for any repairs needed, perform those repairs, clean the steps (if applicable) and install the liner of your choice.


Your new liner replacement comes standard with new faceplates for the skimmer, drain and returns. We'll also add the necesary chemicals to bring the water to the proper balance.


We always receive questions from our customers before installing a replacement liner, but below are our 3 most common questions we receive.



Q: What is Vinyl MIL?

A: MIL is a measurement of the vinyl’s thickness. All liners offered are no less than 20 MIL or 28 MIL depending on your specific choice of liner. At 911 Pool Rescue, we will help you select the proper MIL that best suits your needs and your individual pool settings.


Q: How do you refill the pool with water?

A: We will have a water truck at the time of installation and fill it with enough water to set the liner. After the liner is set, we can continue filling your pool with our water truck with water we've already chlorinated. Of course, you can always choose to continue filling your pool with a garden hose. It's entirely up to you.


Q: When should I replace my liner?

A: There are several factors that go into whether or not it's time to replace your liner. Some of the most common factors are the presence of holes in the liner, the UV light of the sun has burned the upper part of the liner causing the liner to tear, it appears faded, cracked or chipped, you're tried of the same old look or the wrinkles in the liner from normal wear and tear have mede it difficultly to properly clean the pool.



If you still have questions about our liner replacement process,

please schedule an appointmnet with us today!

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